The old South was notorious for hiding secrets, but like a splinter in the hand, secrets often fester and work their way out. An intriguing Romance you won’t put down.

An unlikely romance. In the early 1900’s a busy Circuit Rider Preacher with five motherless children is shocked when the bride he sent for steps off the train. Can he afford to send her back? Can he afford not to?

A contemporary, romantic story of love and redemption. A young homeless woman struggles to become a Keeper, but is the bar set too high for a nobody like her?

A Grave Encounter

A 1930’S Epic love story. A young man makes a vow he’s forced to break. Is it truly better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? 

In this Contemporary Romance, a young woman inadvertently winds up at a GHS Homecoming in a little South Alabama town and quickly finds herself caught in a vicious web of deceit.

Stand-alone Novels