2 + 2 (Vinegar Bend Book 4)


Castle Marlow tosses and turns in his bed at night, pondering how to tell his wife he no longer wants to Pastor Community Faith Church. He longs to go back to doing what he feels the Lord has equipped him to do, which is Chalkboard Lecturing. Will Rebekah be willing for him to be gone from home for extended periods of time with so much drama going on in the family? Goat is intent on marrying a strange woman, Gazelle has come back home, Grandpa is acting most peculiar and then there’s the dilemma with Badger. Is it fair for him to run around the country doing what he loves best when she has so much to deal with? Or does he stay home and continue pastoring a flock of people when he has a difficult time shepherding his own lambs?

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