Plow Hand: Who said life was fair?


In the mid-nineteen-forties, a young widow with a bleak future seeks a way to survive without compromising her principles—but falling for a Plow Hand was not part of that plan.

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Carly Dugan’s life took a drastic turn when her husband lost his arm in a tragic sawmill accident. Depression twisted this fun-loving, considerate man into a bitter and intolerable wreck. Their marriage is falling apart. But Julian has lost more than an arm. He’s lost his way. The old house is falling apart, yet he sits in a rocker all day, feeling like half a man. The meager savings in the sugar jar will soon be gone. When Carly gets a letter from a former neighbor inviting them to Alabama to live with her and her husband, even offering Julian a job in their feed store, Carly is sure it’s the answer to her prayers. Julian becomes ill on the trip and is in desperate need of medical attention. However, when they arrive at their destination, the woman opens the door and appears shocked to see them. She insists she never sent such a letter and turns them away. Carly is stunned. What possible motive would the woman have for pulling such a dastardly deed? Carly’s faith begins to waver. If God really loved her, would she be Going through so many trials? It wasn’t fair.

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