Swamp Angel


In this 1949 Romance, a hasty marriage by an impetuous teen turns disastrous. But sometimes two wrongs can make a right. After all, delicious hot biscuits come from unpalatable flour and sour buttermilk.

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Ludie Graham Alexander didn’t want to believe the terrible things the landlord said about the man she married less than twelve hours earlier. However, when the facts became indisputable, Ludie realized she should’ve listened to her adoptive parents when they warned her against marrying someone she barely knew. Garth and Gracie Graham had disapproved from the start, but nothing or no one was going to stop her from being with the only man she’d ever loved. No one, that is, until the owner of a rooming house told her more about Schooner Alexander than she ever wanted to know. The awful truth caught her by surprise and she did what she’d learned to do best—she ran away. After setting up camp in the Georgia woods on the outskirts of Atlanta, rumors began to circulate concerning “The Cartersville Swamp Angel.”

But was the Swamp Angel real, or merely a figment of a child’s imagination?

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